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We are proud to offer Amano watchman hardware as part of our trusted line of watchman clocks and guard security tour systems.  Amano is a popular maker of employee time clocks and time clock accessories.   They use that experience in time keeping and time recording systems to create a great guard tour system.  We offer the Amano PR-600 watchman system and many accessories and options to accompany this great watchman clock system.  Read below to learn more about some of the available Amano watchman systems and guard tour systems available for purchase through our online watchman clock store.

Watchman systems are used by your security staff to patrol a facility.  The security guard uses a key or electronic device at each station during the tour route.  A watchman clock records this information accurately and protects this security information with many anti-tampering techniques.  This website offers information about watchman products from manufacturers such as Detex and Amano.

The Amano PR-600 Watchman System
The Amano PR-600 Watchman system is a guard tour system that is used to check security stations in a security patrol using keys to mark the recording medium.   At each watchman station the guardsman removes a key from the station and inserts it into the Amano guard tour clock and turns the key clockwise.  This records the date, time, and station number.  The guard returns the key to the station and continues to the next station.  This system offers features such as a stamping when the unit is opened and closed.  The Amano PR-600 system is light weight and easy to carry at under 2 pounds.  It operates on a self-contained dry cell battery that has a life of several months.  The PR600 offers up to 99 station keys for your facility. 

Amano Accessories
Check our online store for Amano watchman accessories.  We have Amano PR-600 report tape and Amano PR600 Stations available.  We also offer Amano PR-600 Station Keys and  Amano PR600 Locking boxes.  We offer station keys, master keys and more. 

We offer information about Amano watchman systems and accessories.  We only offer quality watchman clock parts and watchman accessories, like master keys and recording tape.  We offer Amano Watchclock security systems.  You will find alot of information so feel free to browse this site.

Shop and research the best watchman clocks on the Internet.  Research our online product offerings and follow the links to buy guard tour time clock products from our online store

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